Marielle K

hand made

Embroidery and Bejewellment

Marielle ThomsonComment

Here, our Indian summer continues amidst natures indisputable signs of decay;  of falling back, of exposure to the exquisitely beautiful state of skeleton or pod, wild roses now dry, crumpled and the most vibrant shade of raspberry with hints of burnt orange; these colours are evocative of India.  Embroidery and bejewellment are two themes of my capsule collection and, here, I permit you a glimpse into the world of MarielleK with some more of my silk velvet chokers and my intricate embroidery which will adorn pieces in the new collection.

Text by Textual Aesthetics 

Linen Focus

Marielle ThomsonComment

Linen is going through a transition of re-imagination of its aesthetic qualities through different textile techniques,  as it makes a welcome return to our homes this season. 

Here in our studio we love experimenting with the versatile fabric through colouration and surface pattern, as well as functionality. 

Our linen table wear makes the perfect conversational dinner party piece with its beautiful aesthetics, luxurious handle qualities, and the heritage behind the designs printed onto each piece by hand.