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Finding the Vikings

Marielle ThomsonComment

I can't believe how fast our summer is whizzing past, even more so because we are enjoying some rather nice weather.

The concept of time is a fascinating one and ever has it been so.  Last week, along with some members of my family, I went to a smaller island off the mainland here for a day of discovery at an archaeological dig.  At Skaill on Rousay, a ruinous Viking farmstead, we were treated to a talk from the archaeologists followed by a tour of the sites and even a little bit of troweling.  What I  particularly enjoyed afterwards was the washing of the finds, crouched down with a basin of water and being able to examine the bones, shells and bits of pottery; spanning whole lifetimes and more.

That was a day well spent; spatial and temporal.   Already another collection has been imagined; taking it's own time to form in my mind.  Meanwhile I hope you enjoy some of these images from our time travel adventure and look out for more beautiful pieces coming soon.

Orkney Spring

Marielle ThomsonComment

In many ways, springtime is better than summer.  While in summer the sun is high and the days are long with everything in bloom, there is a sense of wanting time to stand still because, and this is especially true in the far north; we know what will naturally follow.  So let us appreciate spring and not be in too much of a hurry.  Listen to the birds and be restored by their various songs and cries; the skylark, curlew, blackbird, oyster catcher to name but a few.  The sea that surrounds us is beguiling as the light conditions of a new season impart tones of celadon, turquoise and the deepest blue.  The islands are transformed again into enchanted lands of possibility which are the source for textile colour palettes and designs to be found in future Marielle K collections.