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Finding the Vikings

Marielle ThomsonComment

I can't believe how fast our summer is whizzing past, even more so because we are enjoying some rather nice weather.

The concept of time is a fascinating one and ever has it been so.  Last week, along with some members of my family, I went to a smaller island off the mainland here for a day of discovery at an archaeological dig.  At Skaill on Rousay, a ruinous Viking farmstead, we were treated to a talk from the archaeologists followed by a tour of the sites and even a little bit of troweling.  What I  particularly enjoyed afterwards was the washing of the finds, crouched down with a basin of water and being able to examine the bones, shells and bits of pottery; spanning whole lifetimes and more.

That was a day well spent; spatial and temporal.   Already another collection has been imagined; taking it's own time to form in my mind.  Meanwhile I hope you enjoy some of these images from our time travel adventure and look out for more beautiful pieces coming soon.